Follow the wildtrail with us, the people who know Bardia better”

Here some of photos are taken by ourself (Hotel Bardia Jungle Cottage), but we specially thanks to our visitors who provided these photos, and we are really very proud of them, Thanks again… We hope to see you again in our west Nepal

Wildlife & Activities Photos

Tiger Walking alone in the branch of the Karnali river Heading to its own spot after hunting a deer Tiger, after drinking water at Patkanawa Big male enjoying the morning by taking a bath A wild elephant roaming by the river bank Baby with its mun, in the process of learning to deal with the nature a rhino with baby crossing the river in winter Koba from Japan (left) & Umanga, Nature Guide (right) with Golden Mahasheer Foot walking inside the park, is the way to explore the wildlife Mugger Crocodile Gharial Crocodile Gangetic Dolphin in Karnali River, come and see fresh water dolphin A Dragon Fly is in its own motion of life An Insects Python (Ajingar) Observing Tiger Pugmark, is the way to identify the fresh or not A bird is landing on the surface of the Karnali river A bird sitting on top of dry tree Birds in the sky Black Ibis John trying to be closer to wild elephant, owe Babai Valley, from the Babai Bridge, can be seen wild animals like tiger, elephant & rhino from the bridge on occasion Babai Valley from little height Babai Valley, A glance Tiger Poo Beautiful Bardia Horizon Bardia wildlife with cloudy View fromBagh Machan Camping to explore culture, wildlife, aquatic diversity, and specially for fishing trip Heading to Explore the wildlife Watching Wild elephant

Property Photos

Cottages of Hotel Bardia Jungle Cottage (BJC) Tharu Style Restaurant & Bar of Bardia Jungle Cottage BJC Restaurant After maintenance Twin Bedroom with Attached bathroom Tharu style Hut with double bedroom and bathroom inside Bikram infront of Restaurant Bikram & Sushil at bjc Bardia Jungle Cottage in green, enjoy the green and chirping birds surroundings Relax in our beautiful garden BJC family Staff Members

Cultural and Tradition Photos

Thakurbaba Temple, one of the most important relegious beliefs in west nepal Tharu Mungrahawa dance, explore the culture and origin of the dance with Bardia Jungle Cottage (BJC) Tharu Hurdungawa Nach, BJC organize traditional culture program Nomad (Raute), in Bardia Jungle Cottage, Come and join with us, who Raute are ?


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