Bardia National Park

Follow the wildtrail with us, the people who know Bardia better”

This Wildlife Safari could change your life, for those with a love a wildlife sanctuary and dramatic scenery & traditional village living, country side, clean air and a simple life, this beautiful Bardia is the perfect destination. If you want to get off the beaten track, come visit Bardia National Park in the west Nepal.

Bardia Tiger Walking Alone in dry river, in winterWilderness in the relatively unexplored deep jungles for western Nepal where wildlife is more than abundant. Remote challenging and offering unique adventure for wildlife and nature lovers. The Bardia National Park was initially a Royal Hunting Reserve. It was in 1976 that it was gazetted as royal Karnali Wildlife Reserve with an area of only 368 sq km and was also declared a wildlife sanctuary, in 1982; it was renamed as Royal Bardia Wildlife Reserve which also includes the Babai valley. But the villages were located in Baghaura phanta and Lamkoili phanta before the establishment of hunting reserve and were relocated outside reserve boundary. When villages have been resettled outside the reserve boundary, the farming has ceased. Since then natural vegetation is regenerating, making it an area of prime habitat for wildlife. It was only in 1988 that it granted a status of National Park in order to preserve the dwindling species of rare ecosystem, including flora and fauna, particularly the tiger and its other prey spices. With the help of seven political parties including Maoist, the Royal word has been avoided in 18th May 2006, after a big demonstration. This park is the largest and most untouched wilderness area in the terai providing excellent habitat for most of the endangered spices of wildlife and birds. The park now covers an area of 968 sq km and is divided into several regions- each with their own diverse flora and fauna. It was only in 1994 that basic facilities existed for independent visitors. It has extensive and varied wildlife -all endangered rhinoceros, wild elephant, the Bengal tiger, swamp deer, black buck, gharial and mugger crocodile, gangetic dolphin.

Two Male Wild elephant, crossing the river, bardia national parkThe Bardia National Park is one of Nepal’s finest tiger reserve an is best known as the home of Nepal tigers, but this beautiful park is also a black buck sanctuary as well as mixture of contrasting geographical zones comprising parts of Nepal’s south western plains, churia hills and inner valleys with tropical dry an deciduous forests which are dominated by hardwood sal, grassland, and riverine forests featuring gigantic simal trees.

The park and its adjacent areas are famous region to provide an excellent wilderness experiences for visitors/wildlife researcher as well as important attractions indigenous culture of buffer zone are. The park supports a variety of vegetations which makes it the ideal habitat not only for the tiger but other predators and ungulates too. It also consists of numerous ecosystems, equally rich in flora and fauna.

Golden Mahasheer "A King of Fish" Bardia Natioanl ParkThe topography of the park is quite diverse with floodplains, river valleys and gorges, and the Churia hills. The park’s northern boundary is the crest of the churia range, which is well above 1219 m. The highest elevation is 1441 m at Sukramala and the lowest elevation is 152 m. ( Manau Ghat ) in the south.

The Karnali and Babai rivers are perennial river systems that flow through the park. The eastern branch of the Karnali forms the western boundary of the park where as Babai river drains the park in the northeastern sector. Orai River and Gumnaha Nala and Ambassa khola drain the park area between Karnali and Babai rivers. Maan khola, Karolia Nala, and many other seasonal nasals drain the southern face of the Churia between Babai and eastern border of the park.

Its attractions are not only its varied animals and birdlife but also its immense natural beauty. In terms of variety and wildlife, the park is one of the best national parks in Nepal and the world.

spotted deer, called " Chital" in NepalThe park is home to many rare and endangered species including more than 30 different mammals, over 400 species of birds, more than 25 species of reptiles, almost 121 species of fishes, many snakes, lizards, have been sighted and recorded in the park’s forest, grassland and river habitat and unknown diversity of mollusks and arthropods. Among these include, langur monkey, rhesus monkey, common leopard, jungle cat, fishing cat, large and small Indian civets, mongoose, hyena, wild dog, jackal, sloth bear, otter, monitor lizards, bandicoots, blue bull ( nilgai ), blackbuck, samber deer, hog deer, barking deer, wild boar, porcupine, dolphin ( the extremely rare ) etc. A termite mounds can be sight in the sal forests. The park is one of the best places to view the most magnificent of cats, the Bengal tiger. The chances are almost 80 % depending on the season.

Map of Bardia National Park The ratna Highway (Nepalgunj)-Surkhet road from the eastern boundary of the park and the Geruwa River a branch of Karnali rive system forms the western boundary of the park. The park is bordered with the crest of Churia hill range in the north and the southern boundary adjoins cultivated lands, settlements, buffer zone forest and part of the East-West Highway.


25 thoughts on “Bardia National Park”

  1. We visited Bardia in 2009 and thinking to come back this summer.I enjoyed my stay in Bardia so much. I recommend Bardia Jungle Cottage for excellent work.Food fantastic and very good english speaking jungle guide.We had a great time.

  2. It was by far the most outstanding experience I have ever had travelling – trekking through the jungle with the knowledgable and very funny guide ‘Ramsey’, seeing two rhinos 10m away in the wild (I got scared so hid up a tree – whimpy yes but when has a rhino ever looked you in the eye?) and we even spotted a leopard. We waded through crystal clear rivers, went fishing, saw so many birds, crept up on a couple of wild elephants and wandered down tiger tracks through the most amazing scenery you could imagine.
    Thank you

  3. Hello readers,

    I visisted Bardia last summer and thinking to come back this summer. I’m a teacher from Amsterdam, only able to travel longterm in July and August. I enjoyed my stay in Bardia so much, and I’m aware of the lack in marketing. So I’m very happy to help letting people know this is the most beautiful place to go to in Nepal. It doesn’t get more real and satisfying then in Bardia. Even in the low season, the beauty of the park is astonishing. And actually, I’m looking for the email address of the owner of Jungle Heaven in Bardia National Park. His name is Krishna and a teacher in the village. If anyone knows how to get in touch with him online, please let me know at

    Lots of love to all Bardia inhabitants,
    Joyce from Amsterdam

  4. The Nepal Himalayans, containing as many as eight of the ten highest peaks in the world, is undoubtedly the country’s biggest allure. However, there is much more to Nepal than just Mt. Everest and its minions. Mighty rivers tumble down from the Himalayas offering world class rafting opportunities, and the flatlands of the Terrain are dotted with jungle reserves that shelter some of Asia’s most exotic wildlife. Indeed, the breathtaking biotic diversity that can be found here has given the Kingdom a natural affluence matched by few places on this earth. Equally breathtaking is Nepal’s cultural heritage. The Kathmandu valley with temples, shrines and other monuments packed into its nook and cranny, as well as its arts and crafts, architecture and the year round celebrations that mark numerous festivals,

  5. there are so many ways to go to bardia national park.. which one is the best.. i have read about Lucknow, please make suggestion

  6. your blog and information is very nice about badria national park.your doing good job for promoting about bardia national park. i hope it will help to get more and more visitor in bardia national park and all innepal.thanks for creating and sharing information world wide

    Best regard

  7. Hi to all readers. Hope this is not too late for you Krispa, I have traveled from Delhi to Bardia a couple of times. If you are not in too much of a rush, catch the late night train from Delhi to Kathgodam then a bus or taxi to Bambassa (Nainital – Bambassa taxi cost 1900irp) (or take a detour to Nainital (taxi 300irp) to see the Himilaya). Cross the boarder at Bambassa to Mehandranaga. If you arrive after 1pm, best to stay the night and change money at the bank ready to take a bus the next morning to the gateway to Bardia national park. There are always people waiting for custpm at the gate ready to take you to Jungle Cottage (or better still call the cottage from Mehandranaga so they can arrange a car for you from the highway.

    Jungle Cottage is a fantastic place, I stayed for a week in 2008 and took my father there for almost 4 weeks this year. I am planning to return in March/April 2010 for a month during the warm season and with luck a better time to see tigers.

    John from Wales

  8. Krispa – sorry for late reply, i have just seen your message… I travelled from BJC to Delhi by bus. It is long journey, but totally worth it as Bardia is amazing… one of my favourite places in the world!! From Delhi, get bus to Nepalgunj, from there you can get bus to Anbassa and then a local bus to the village of Thakurdawara. Please visit if you can. Bardia is such a special place, the people are so friendly and hospitable, and the wildlife is incredible too. I hope to go back to Thakurdwara soon, as I really miss the village and the people.
    Rhiannon, from London.

  9. i want to thanks the writer about all the positive energy that transpire from her trip to Bardia.
    do you have any suggestion in how to get there.. i am alone.
    i would be coming from dehli
    please reply

  10. Bardia, one of favourite place in nepal.and one of the best place on earth,i worked at bardia jungle cottages for more than six years,i had my time of life during working there,i love wildlife and nature more than anything else,being away frm nepal i really miss this place and people out there,anybody travelling in nepal,i strongly reccomended to visit bardia jungle cottage at Bardia National Park Nepal.

  11. I definitely recommend Bardia Jungle Cottage. We had a great time: tracing tigers on the back of an elephant (we could hear it roar so close!); seeing wild rhinos, deer, crocodiles and much more. The cottages are made out of some sort of mud and clay (ie, the traditional way) which makes them much cooler than concrete bungalows. The staff is really friendly and knowledgeable. To conclude, just go!

  12. I travelled through Europe and Asia over 10months in 2007 and decided to go through Nepal after the crazy month I had in India.
    My first port of call in Nepal was at Bardia Jungle Cottact where I was only supposed to stay for two nights. I was so blown away by BJC, its people and its position at the gateway to the bardia jungle that I extended my trip, so I could stay there for an extra 12days.
    It was by far the most outstanding experience I have ever had travelling – trekking through the jungle with the knowledgable and very funny guide ‘Ramsey’, seeing two rhinos 10m away in the wild (I got scared so hid up a tree – whimpy yes but when has a rhino ever looked you in the eye?) and we even spotted a leopard. We waded through crystal clear rivers, went fishing, saw so many birds, crept up on a couple of wild elephants and wandered down tiger tracks through the most amazing scenery you could imagine.
    I could not recommend BJC more highly – the food was fresh local and really tasty, the ginger tea amazing (one of the girls would grind the ginger root every morning by the stream out the back), the little village down the road was just beautiful, and the BJC people were so hospitable, peaceful, polite and helpful I honestly did not want to leave.
    My time at Bardia was the absolute highlight of all of my travelling experiences, I cannot wait to return – YOU HAVE TO EXPERIENCE IT!

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