Food in Bardia Jungle Cottage (BJC)

 Our Main target is to taste you our own nepalse cusine, besides this we prepare indian, chinese continental food to taste you difference. Our recently planning is to updates some italian foods in our hotel as if only we able to get ingredients.

Most of the foods depends on the ingredients that we get in our area, as our aim is to use locally grown foods, vegetables, as we do some food market from the shop.

If you wish to updates our food with your own recipe which matches to our ingredients, you are warmly welcome to join with us during your time in Bardia jungle Cottage.

You do not need to worry about the food during your time with us, as we are cooking since we established and we are able to satisfy our clients.

We Specially prepare Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, what ever we cook are not frozen, and defrosted. We buy every items fresh except the dry and canned foods as they are already readymade. We appreciate using locally grown products and happy to getiing it in our village.

Upon customer needed, we prepare packed lunch not only for during our wildlife activities, but alos while they are travelling after their time in Bardia wildlife.




Please suggest with your comments, thanks, Bardia Jungle Cottage (BJC)

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