Barking Deer

Barking Deer

Barking deer fall in the category of those deer that are shy and elusive.It has been named after its call ,which is very similar to the dog’s bark. It is also known as ‘ Retuwe’ in Nepal.


A definite identification mark to recognizr a barking deer is, two raised dark ridges in the forehead that extend into its antlers.One of the unique feature of this deer is that they have both pairs of antlers as well as overgrown canines known as tushes.Both these are used as weapons during combat but the tushes are used more effectively and frequently. They can be easily distinguished from other deers.Barking deers grow to highest of 50-75 cm and weight approximetly 20-30kg.the average life expectancy is 20-30 years.

barking-deer barking-deer1


barking deer are very shy type and they mostly live in solitude, They are seen very rarely in numbers exceeding two even if you find them in a group it will not be more than that of a single deer. They rarely ventour out into open grassland and are mostly seen feeding near the edge of dense forest but sometimes they can be seen at sult licks.The alarm call of barking deer is taken seriously only when it is repeated endlessly but are easily started by any movement.


Due to thir low height and small stature,barking deer’s main diet is grass and fallen fruits.

Natural Habitat

The Barking deer are mostly seen inhabitaing dense forest. They rarely vnture out into the open grassland even while grazing they are mostly seen feeding near the edge of forest.They are mostly diurnal in hadit so it is nearly impossible to see them at night due to their dense habit areas.


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