Photos of Bardia National Park

Jungle Walk, elephant ride, etc 

Photos: Harry from Germany with Bardia Jungle Cottage (BJC)

Foot Walking in Bardia Natioanl Park, Is exciting way to search the wild animals by foot inside the park.


Photos: Bardia Jungle Cottage (BJC) 

Two Rhinos are grazing with their own way in Bardia National park, seen by Wild Rafting trip in the Karnali river, a way to search aquatic diversity as well as forest diversity.

Gharial Crocodile

Photos: Anderson, USA

A single Gharial Crocodile is in deep rest on the side of the Karnali river in Bardia National Park.

Bardia tiger  

Photos: Tom, England with Bardia Jungle Cottage

A Tiger is in his own way, and Save it, it has it’s own world, let them to survive in thier own rythm of the life.

Wild Asian Elephant,

Photo: Anderson, USA

A single male wild elephant is trying to go to another places to find some new energy.


Sunset, dolphin site

Photo: John from England with Bardia Jungle Cottage

A Great Sunrise & Place To Watch Gangetic River Dolphins

Bardia Tiger Poo, Bengal Tiger

Photo: John, England with Bardia Jungle Cottage

Tiger poo seen on the way to search wild animals in Bardia National Park.

Black Buck, a kind of deer

Photo: John, England with Bardia Jungle Cottage

A Male Black Buck – I Am Very Lucky To See One As There Are Only 132 Left In Nepal.

Spotted Deer, hog deer, Samber deer, Barking deer, Swamp deer,

Photo: Anderson, USA,

Deers are seen grazing near by river in the grass land, grasses are dangerous for deers as well as protective medium to be save from predators.

Asianl wild elephant,

Photo: Bardia Jungle Cottage

John from England trying to getting closer to wild elephant in Bardia Natioanl park, so excited.

Rhesus Monkey.

Photo: Bardia Jungle Cottage (BJC)

A mum is carrying her baby on her back, is the way to love and protect the baby. Oh, yes, no one else here to disturb us.

Yellow Buautiful butterfly

Photo: Mark Horrell

A yellow beautiful butterfly

white ant, termites

Photo: Mark Horrell

Termite mound, Bardia National Park, found only in sal forest, is also known by white ant.

Longest river  of nepal

Photo: Mark Horrell

Evening sunlight over the Karnali river







Please suggest with your comments, thanks, Bardia Jungle Cottage (BJC)

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